Saturday Out of Camp Daytime Activities

Note: Below is a tentative list of possible activities.
The final schedule will likely change as the event draws nearer.
Activities may be added, deleted, or modified

Tubing on the Delaware River - Westfall to River Beach

Tubing on the Delaware RiverTubing on the crystal-clear Delaware River is the place to be on those hot summer days. Lay back, relax, and drift along a mild whitewater adventure that is similar to a lazy river float. Tubing trips will generally last between 1.5 to 2 hours depending on river conditions. 

You will float between Westfall and River Beach down 3 miles of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, passing islands along the way with lush vegetation, while enjoying a relaxing tube trip with some passing ripples. This is the most popular tube trip since we are conveniently located in the Tri-State area. 

Note: Some or all part(s) of your body will be physically in water for the duration (two to three hours) of your float downriver. You must be comfortable floating in moving water with or without the assistance of a tube. The ability to swim in moving water is a requirement on this excursion. You will be required to wear your PFD at ALL TIMES while on the water. Anyone caught without their PFD properly buckled while on the water will be asked to leave the event once they return to camp with no refunds.

McDade Trail Bike Ride - Northern

SOLD OUT UNLESS YOU CAN DRIVE TO THE ACTIVITY. - Contact us directly to register for this activity.

McDade Trail NorthWe will ride 21 miles at a slow pace between Bushkill Boat Access and Action Bikes and Outdoor in Milford mostly on the McDade Trail, which is a mixture of crushed stone and grass surface. The trail is NOT flat. There will be some challenging climbs and steep downhills the second half of your ride. There are at least five peaks of 100 feet elevation or less to go over (each). There will be a three-mile section of the ride that will end up on Rt. 209 with wide shoulders to avoid part of the trail that is not for bikes.

There will be an early out at Dingmans Access for those who want a shorter ride. The trail between Bushkill and Dingmans is mostly a flat 11-mile ride. You may end up waiting for the rest of the group to arrive in Milford before heading back to camp. There is plenty to do and see in Milford to spend the time waiting.

McDade Trail is a 32-mile-long multi-use trail between Milford Beach and Hialeah Trailhead in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The trail provides views of the river, charming streams, open farm fields, forests, and historic landscapes. Spotting a Bald Eagle, a Black Bear, White-Tailed Deer, and Wild Turkey is not uncommon. Several miles of the trail are dominated by the river to the east and the cliffs to the west, with the trail and US 209 squeezed between in places. McDade Trail has a crushed stone surface that is NOT a flat rail-trail, but an actual bike trail. Expect a good workout going up the hills and a nice breeze on the downhill. Hybrids, adventure bikes (cyclocross, gravel, etc.) and mountain bikes are ideal for this type of trail. Most of the ride will be on the secluded bike path, but there will be a two-mile section we will be on country car road.

Rentals are available from Action Bikes and Outdoor. Contact leader for details if you plan to rent.
Anyone bringing a personal bike will drive their personal bike to the trailhead. You may be asked to take passengers.

After the ride, we will spend some time exploring Milford PA

  • Bring Hybrid or Mountain Bike, Helmet (required to wear), spare tire with pump and/or CO2, water, food, bike gloves, bike lock and change of clothing for after the ride (leave in car).
  • Pack lunch at breakfast to bring with you. Snack bars for the trail would be a good thing.
  • Cost of rentals: $47 (includes ½ day Bike rental, Helmet, Delivery of bike, MOCA Credit Card Fees)
  • Limit 8 Bike Rentals / 15 people
  • Private Bikes must supply their own transport
  • Distance: 22 Miles / 35 Min to start
  • Click HERE for more info

7.5-Mile Buttermilk Falls Moderate/Strenuous Hike

Buttermilk Falls

Enjoy a 7 ½ miles (with approximately 1400 Ft. elevation gain) hike which highlights interesting terrain while taking the wanderer to great destinations along the way. On this lollipop loop hike, you'll enjoy the tallest waterfall in New Jersey and climb up alongside it to two lookout platforms. You will also hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail(AT), relax at a glacially formed lake while having lunch, hike through dying hemlock groves with a deep wood feel, and pass by several vista points with views of the surrounding Kittatinny Mountains.

The first 1.4 miles of trail will be almost entirely uphill (and downhill on the return leg), climbing just under 1100 ft. until reaching the Appalachian Trail on the top of the ridge. This early section looks quite difficult on the elevation chart but don't be discouraged as there are wooden steps with railings for the most difficult portions. The falls themselves are wonderful, topping out at 200 ft., the tallest in New Jersey, and are stunning on a sunny day with the sun's rays peeking through the forest canopy above.

Once on top, you’ll trek portions of the historic Appalachian Trail. We will take lunch at Crater Lake, where you'll find rocks to sit on and restrooms near the parking area. At points along the hike, score some sweeping views of NJ from above. The views on this hike are limited but still beautiful. Photo opportunity? Definitely!

This loop has a little of everything-waterfalls, ravines, and views. You’ll also engage in valley walking, steep climbing, and ridge walking,

Moderate Shohola Falls and Marsh Reservoir Birding Hike

Shohola FallsStart our hike viewing the Shohola Falls from three sides. The constant flow of water travels is an impressive waterfall that is roughly 75 feet wide and 50 feet tall. Shohola Falls is incredibly powerful and beautiful. The sheer amount of water that flows over this waterfall, even when others in the area are low, is very impressive.

We will then explore parts of the State Game Area surrounding the Shohola Marsh Reservoir enjoying views of the lake and the surrounding habitat filled with aviary of all types. The eight-mile hike has some ups and downs totaling under 500 Ft. elevation gain.

Shohola Marsh Reservoir has been designated as a Pennsylvania Important Bird Area by Audubon Pennsylvania. Although managed for waterfowl, this game land provides habitat for many wildlife species. A variety of shorebirds stop to forage the marshy areas and shoreline during spring and fall migrations. The wetlands are thick with alders, sedges, rushes and buttonbush, valuable food and cover plants for migrating and nesting birds.

When Shohola Creek was dammed many years ago and the lake formed, low-lying stands of timber were flooded. The impounded water left standing dead trees; many birds utilize the decaying trees. Cavity nesters, such as the wood duck, hooded merganser, eastern screech-owl, northern (yellow-shafted) flicker, and hairy and downy woodpeckers’ nest in such trees. Great blue herons, green herons, waterfowl and osprey also perch on snags.

  • Bring Standard Hiking Gear: Snack, Water, Hat, Decent Hiking Shoes, sun lotion
  • Pack lunch during breakfast, but you may eat it back in camp or at the end of hike
  • Time: 9:00 am ~ 2:00 pm
  • Limit 12 people
  • Distance from Camp: 9:00 am ~ 2:00 pm
  • Vehicle: Passenger Van or Personal Cars (TBD)
  • Google Maps of variation of hike / YouTube of Falls
  • Click HERE for more info

Moderate Lenape Ridge/Minisink Trail Loop Hike (afternoon)


Minisink TrailThis loop hike follows the Lenape Ridge within the Huckleberry Ridge State Forest, with interesting vegetation and panoramic views. This hike is a very simple, narrow loop, for a four-mile hike. Since it is a ridge walk, it’s an easy-going journey with minimal ups and downs once you attain the ridge lines. Approx. 630+ Ft overall elevation gain.

  • Bring standard hiking gear: Food, Water, Hiking Shoes, Walking Stick, Hat
  • Time: 12:30 pm ~ 4:30 pm
  • Limite: 12 People
  • Distance from Camp: 14 Miles/16 Min One Way
  • Vehicle: Passenger Van or Personal Cars (TBD): 
  • Click HERE for information

Three Phases of Liquid Tour

Enjoy a short easy walk to see the second waterfall in PA, Dingmans Falls, with a plunge of 130 feet. Then spend a few hours on an easy-to-moderate 3.5 Mile loop hike in a boreal conifer bog, commonly known as Long Swamp. Then finish the day in downtown Milford, PA with ice cream or frozen yogurt at the Milford Dairy Bar (cash only).

Dingmans FallsDingmans Falls at Dingmans Falls Visitors Center: Dingmans Falls is the second highest waterfall in the state, with a plunge of 130 feet. This flat 1.4-mile boardwalk trail meanders through a beautiful hemlock ravine. Almost immediately after starting the trail, Silverthread Falls can be seen on the right. The cascade gracefully drops 80 feet in a thin ribbon through a narrow geometric chute. The boardwalk winds through rhododendron shrubs and past tall hemlock trees on a brief walk to the waterfall. The boardwalk ends at the base of Dingmans Falls, the second highest waterfall in Pennsylvania. View the falls from the platform or trek the final tenth of a mile via staircase for a birds-eye view from the upper falls. You then head back the way you came to your car and make a stop at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area visitors center.

Long SwampLong Swamp: This 3.5-mile hike will be mostly on narrow, single-track trails and boardwalks. Long Swamp’s damp, dark woods offer a much different experience than most Pennsylvania forests. A relic of the last ice age, Long Swamp is now a permanently protected haven for children from all around the world seeking a unique outdoor experience. Fifteen thousand years ago, Pennsylvania was covered in glaciers. As the climate warmed and the glaciers receded, a massive melting formed a boreal bog. Over time this bog became blanketed with a floating mat of vegetation, shaded by black spruce dense ferns. Upon entering the bog, visitors experience a plunge in temperature. The thick canopy of trees above and the dense carpet of moss emulate a tropical rainforest.

Milford Dairy Bar: With over 46 flavors of homemade ice cream, Italian ice, gelato, and sorbet, Milford Dairy Bar is your destination for frozen treats!

  • Bring standard hiking gear: Hat, Water, Walking Stick, Hiking Shoes.
  • Cash for Ice Cream
  • Time: 8:30 am ~ 4:30 pm
  • Limit: 12 people
  • Distance from camp: 36 Miles Round Trip / 65 Min Round Trip
  • Vehicle: Passenger Van or Personal Cars (TBD)
  • CLICK HERE for Detailed Information
  • You Tube 1

Mines, Minerals and Buckwheat Tour - 

SOLD OUT UNLESS YOU CAN DRIVE TO THE ACTIVITY. - Contact us directly to register for this activity.

Sterling Hill Mining MuseumSterling Hill Mining Museum

Take a 1/4-mile walking adventure into the fourth oldest mine in the country and the last working underground mine in New Jersey. See the only fluorescent Rainbow Tunnel, Museum of Fluorescence, and the most amazing collection of fluorescent minerals anywhere on earth! Most of everything human-made has something to do with mining.

At the Sterling Hill Mining Museum, you’ll see just how it's done. From drilling and blasting to the processing of the ore. Right here in NJ is one of the world’s richest zinc ore deposits; the area boasts more than 354 minerals, about 88 of which fluoresce. That's about 10 percent of the known minerals in the world right here in NJ as well as the best fluorescent mineral

Franklin Mineral MuseumFranklin Mineral Museum

The zinc mining district of Franklin is known worldwide for an abundance of fluorescent and rare minerals. The Museum exhibits fluorescent, local and world-wide minerals, artifacts, fossils, and a safe two-level mine replica. Explore on the famous "Buckwheat" a large mineral-rich rock field where you can collect your specimens, then dig for fossils and go gem panning. There will be an optional guided tour during our visit.


  • Both mines are a damp 56 degrees Fahrenheit year-round -- a light jacket is recommended.
  • Proper footwear (sturdy hiking shoes) is required if you plan to explore the “Buckwheat” for specimens; collectors must also wear protective eyewear when using tools (hammers, chisels, etc.).
  • The vendor does NOT supply any specimen collecting tool; you must supply your own. Claw hammers are not allowed.
  • This tour is mostly wheelchair/stroller accessible. (no rolling around in the Buckwheat)
  • Costs: $33
  • Time: 8:30 am ~ 4:30 pm 
  • Limit: 12 People
  • Distance from Camp 70 Miles / 2 Hours Round Trip Drive Time
  • Vehicle: Passenger Van or Personal Cars (TBD)
  • CLICK HERE for Detailed Information

Lake Wallenpaupack Scenic Boat Tour

Wallenpaupack Boat TourRelax with a 50-minute stunning guided tour on Lake Wallenpaupack. On tour, you will learn about the history behind this charming lake region and why this area has become a popular year-round attraction. You will see the Lake Wallenpaupack Hydroelectric Dam, spot native wildlife (Osprey, Blue Herons, Bald Eagles), learn about the types of fish in the Lake, view the Shuman Point Natural Area & see one of the four islands on the Lake - Epply Island. The tour includes a fully qualified captain/tour guide and life jackets.

Lake Wallenpaupack is a freshwater lake in northeastern Pennsylvania. It is the third largest lake in Pennsylvania measuring 52 miles of shoreline, 13 miles in length, 60 feet deep at points. It was created in 1926 by the Pennsylvania Power & Light Company (PP&L) for hydroelectric purposes as well as flood control; however, it is best known as one of several major recreational destinations in the Pocono Mountains. The Scenic Boat Tour will only cover approx. 1/3 of the lake within the time allowed.

  • Bring a sweater in case of a chill on the water, water, snack
  • Cost: $20 (Costs include: Vendor Fees, Tax, 10% Tip, 10% MOCA Administration and Registration Fee)
  • Time: 9:00 am ~ noon
  • Limit: 12 People
  • Distance from camp: 20 Miles / 25 Min one way
  • Vehicle: Passenger Van or Personal Cars (TBD)
  • YouTube of the tour
  • Click HERE for more info

Cornelia & Florence Bridge Nature Preserve

Cornelia & Florence Bridge Nature PreserveEnjoy a peaceful easy walk through the forest nearby camp. A good portion of the three-miles of trails in the Preserve is handicap accessible* with gradual uphill’s and downhills (total elevation gain/loss under 200 Ft.) and wide mostly flat paths. There are few places where you need to watch your step with rocks and tree roots.

Before his recent death, Township native, Charles Bridge donated his family's 300-acre property to Dingman Township. Charlie had two specific visions for the property - to honor his late wife's and mother's dream of preserving the property and to honor their wish that the land is accessible for public enjoyment. He also requested that the Park be named the Cornelia and Florence Bridge Preserve in their honor.

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