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attendee Information

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Informational Emails

Starting about two weeks before the event you will receive a series of emails with valuable information about the event, such as transportation details and what to pack. They will be spaced out several days apart to allow people to digest the information. In case you miss an email, or for ease of reference, copies of the emails are available here.

First Informational Email: PDF

Second Informational Email: PDF

Third Informational Email: PDF

Other Items of Interest for Participants

Copy of the Schedule Book: PDF - Rough Draft not Final Copy

Packing List:  WORD   PDF

Address of Camp: Cedar Lake Camp: 570 Sawkill Road, Milford, PA 18337

GPS Coordinates of Camp: 41°20'47.5"N 74°53'20.2"W |  41.346520, -74.888948

Map of Camp: JPG  (Overview)  / JPG (Detailed)

Directions to Camp: Google  Waze 

Note: Google Maps lists "Round Lake Camp" in the location where "Cedar Lake Camp" should be. The listing for Cedar Lake Camp in Google Maps shows close by but is incorrect. 


Written Directions:

Emergency Procedures while in Camp: TBA

GasBuddy Map of Gas Stations Surrounding Camp Note: Prices are on average $0.20 cheaper in NJ over PA or NY.

Airport Captains on Thursday, August 29thLaura Aronson and Ellen Goodman

Pre-Trip Airport Captain on Tuesday, August 27th Janis Crystal 

Pre-Trip HotelCaptain on Thursday, August 29th : Peter Small

Shuttle Captains on Monday, September 2nd:Laura Aronson  and Ellen Goodman


Liability Release / Code of Conduct


Volunteer Position Descriptions 

Activity Leader Check List - Long Form HERE

Activity Leader Guidelines for Mosaic: PowerPoint  PDF

Driving for Mosaic and MVR Reports

Responsibilities of Airport Captain

Responsibilities of a Bus Captain

Leader Documents:

Leaders - Drivers - Bus Captains Database

Leader-Packets: Word  PDF

Reimbursement Forms:  Word Excel PDF

Leader Debrief Form: Word PDF

Mosaic Incident Report: Word PDF

Insurance Accident Report: Word PDF


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